[[t]ˈræl i[/t]] v. -lied, -ly•ing,
1) to bring into order again; gather and organize or inspire anew:
to rally scattered troops[/ex]
2) to draw or call together for a common action or effort:
to rally one's friends[/ex]
3) to concentrate or revive, as one's strength or spirits
4) to come together for common action or effort
5) to come together or into order again, as troops
6) to come to the assistance of a person, party, or cause:
to rally around the president[/ex]
7) to recover partially from illness
8) to find renewed strength or vigor
9) bus
a) (of securities) to rise sharply in price after a drop
b) bus (of a market) to show increased activity after a slow period
10) spo (in tennis, badminton, etc.) to engage in a rally
11) cvb spo to participate in a long-distance automobile race
12) spo (of a baseball team) to score one or more runs in one inning
13) a recovery from dispersion or disorder, as of troops
14) a renewal or recovery of strength, activity, etc
15) a partial recovery of strength during illness
16) a mass meeting of people gathered for a common cause:
a political rally[/ex]
17) bus a sharp rise in price or active trading after a declining market
18) spo (in tennis, badminton, etc.)
a) an exchange of strokes between players before a point is scored
b) the hitting of the ball back and forth prior to the start of a match
19) spo the scoring of one or more runs in one inning in baseball
20) spo Also, ral′lye. a long-distance automobile race, esp. for sports cars, held over public roads unfamiliar to the drivers, with numerous checkpoints along the route
Etymology: 1585–95; < F rallier (v.), OF, =r(e) - re-+allier to join; see ally ral′li•er, n. II
[[t]ˈræl i[/t]] v. t. -lied, -ly•ing
to ridicule in a good-natured way; banter
Etymology: 1660–70; < F railler to rail II

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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